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Our expertise is working with and providing mid, senior and executive positions within niche high-tech industry sectors throughout EMEA and Internationally. As a team we are able to offer bespoke recruitment solutions and are rather well known for our success with those ‘hard to fill’ positions. We believe that the services we offer are somewhat unique and cost effective. We thrive on seeing the results our hires bring to our clients as well as the career development they offer to the individuals we place. Always available after normal working hours we are able to accommodate our clients’ needs and our candidate’s working days. With 20 years’ industry experience we are brilliantly connected and highly knowledgeable, so whether you are looking to recruit high calibre people or wanting the next step on your career ladder, we are not only the right people to speak to but the best.

Worldwide Recruitment

Specialising in advanced and complex technology sectors

  • RFID
  • AIDC
  • Enterprise Mobility
  • Automation
  • Software Solutions
  • IoT
  • POS/Biometrics
  • Transport & Logistics
  • Retail
  • Manufacturing
  • Healthcare
  • Life Sciences
  • Aerospace/Defence
  • Utilities
  • Warehousing
  • Field Service
  • Distribution/Supply Chain
  • Instore/Back Office
  • Automotive
  • Airport

Client Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What Search Services do you offer? down arrow

A: We offer two types of Search Services

  1. Contingency with Exclusivity – This is where we have the role exclusively; and get paid on success. There are huge benefits in working this way over non-exclusive. Namely we have more time to conduct the search properly and as a result our Clients get a better quality hire at the end of the process. The fee for this search is no more than you would normally pay for non-exclusive. A full intake briefing would be taken and weekly updates provided throughout the process.

We do not offer non-exclusive contingency whereby we are competing with other recruitment organisations. We feel that this does not allow us enough time to conduct a thorough search, will often produce poor quality results because of the pressure to move quickly, sends out an unprofessional message to candidates and does not produce a great result for the Client. This is a transactional way of working where not much of a relationship is formed between the parties.

  1. Retained – This is by far the most successful way of professionally recruiting and the chosen method for over 80% of our Clients. This is different to contingency recruitment in that we get paid a fee for service rather than a fee for success. We get paid for the work we put in, not the end result we achieve. This gives us time to do things properly, including headhunting, tapping into passive networks as well as searching through our active candidate database and advertising the position should it be deemed necessary. Typically, the client will pay a percentage of the expected fee up front then another payment when the shortlist is produced; and then the final balance on success. The first payments are not refundable should the client cancel the role. The benefit to you the client in working this way is that you get 100% commitment as we have time to do things properly; and overall it costs no more. It strengthens the relationship as the two parties work together to produce the outcome required.
Q: How can I register a vacancy with you? down arrow

A: Please email your contact details to hello@maranello-exec.com and a senior consultant will get in touch to arrange a convenient time to fully discuss your vacancy. If you do have a job specification ready please do attach it with your enquiry. All communication and documents will be deemed confidential until we have discussed with you.

Q: What are the benefits of engaging with Maranello Executive Search for our recruitment needs? down arrow

A: Alongside our proven methods and exceptional service, we truly partner with you. From the moment you engage with us we consider ourselves an extension of your organisation and we represent you accordingly. The first impression a potential candidate has of your business is a direct reflection of how we conduct ourselves on your behalf. This is something we take very seriously; and our professionalism, courtesy and knowledge of your business and the vacancy will truly demonstrate this trusted partnership and our commitment your organisation.

Candidate Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I have seen a position advertised, can you just send me the job specification? down arrow

A: We will not forward a job specification to you until we have had an intake call with you first. It is imperative that we fully understand your requirements, skills, knowledge, cultural fit, salary expectations and so much more before we can determine whether there is a mutual fit with the organisation we are working for. Once we have ascertained this, it may be that we have other positions that you may also like to consider that are confidential and not advertised. We also have service level agreements with our Clients and they expect us to do our due diligence and conduct every part of the search process in a proven, agreed and professional manner.

Q: Will you send out my CV/Resume to multiple organisations without me knowing? down arrow

A: Absolutely not! Your details will not be sent to any Client without your approval. Prior to this we will discuss potential opportunities in detail and provide you will a full job specification. The recruitment process with any one given Client will be detailed to you and we will be on hand to discuss any questions or concerns along the way. We take your confidentiality very seriously.

Q: How can I resister with you? down arrow

A: Please email your CV with a covering email to hello@maranello-exec.com and a senior consultant will be in touch to arrange a convenient time to fully discuss your current situation and requirements. Your enquiry and all documents will be deemed confidential and will not be discussed with anyone until we have had a full intake call with you.


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